Hello & welcome to my online portfolio! In 2001, after being a stay-at-home-mom for almost 20 years, (and having worked various jobs outside the home from time to time) I decided I needed a change. I have always been in love with art and I come from a long line of creative people so I took my talents to the computer and taught myself graphic design. Over time, I also taught myself web design and I love it! It’s by far the best job I’ve had outside of being a mom :-) I now work at home, having spent time working for the Missouri School Board’s Association as their web & graphic design specialist.

Five Points Interactive is a design firm that has a wide range of design disciplines with over 7 years of experience. I love to create simple, yet visually appealing web sites that have a clear message and is user friendly. I design in CSS + XHTML and strive to keep all my work in this area in line with the standards of the W3C. See my services page for a quick view of what I offer.

How I roll

I start every morning at the computer with a luscious, homemade frapp and a piece of Dove dark chocolate. (I tell myself the chocolate makes me more creative :-))

On February 2nd, I took a full time job with Columbia College as a web designer. They were in the process of redoing their look and feel and, based on my css experience, asked me to code the index page and the template for most of the interior pages. It doesn’t validate (which drives me nuts!) because the framework is not structured or coded properly – everyone has a beginning right? – and I was not allowed to mess with that. (with over 10,000 pages…I guess not :-)) My co-worker Beth, did the graphic design and I think she did a fantastic job! Anyway, for a look at our work, check us out at www.ccis.edu.


Five Points Interactive has been mentioned on various blogs and css-based galleries. Thanks to everyone who included me in their galleries :-) Check us out!

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*UPDATE* The list has grown beyond my ability to keep up so if you have given kudos and do not see yourself in the list above, thanks again for including me!

Five Points Interactive is currently taking on new work so contact me if you’d like to discuss a project.


Important Mobile update:

I was just informed from my friends at Austin SEO Geeks that on April 21st, Google is beginning an update that will hurt any business that does not have a mobile enabled website!  This will affect your search engine ranking as well as cutting out 50% of your users since they won’t be able to view your site. The change may only affect google searches on mobile, but you don’t want to be cut out. You can read about the update here and then contact us to fix your website… and of course, if you are looking for SEO, check out my friends’ SEO services.  (Here is the Google mobile-friendly testing tool.)