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Hello & welcome to my online portfolio! In 2001, after being a stay-at-home-mom for almost 20 years, (and having worked various jobs outside the home from time to time) I decided I needed a change. I have always been in love with art and I come from a long line of creative people so I took my talents to the computer and taught myself graphic design. Over time, I also taught myself web design and I love it! It’s by far the best job I’ve had outside of being a mom :-) I now work at home, having spent time working for the Missouri School Board’s Association as their web & graphic design specialist.

Five Points Interactive is a design firm that has a wide range of design disciplines with 10+ years of experience. I love to create simple, yet visually appealing web sites that have a clear message and is user friendly. I design in CSS + XHTML and strive to keep all my work in this area in line with the standards of the W3C. See my services page for a quick view of what I offer.

How I roll

I start every morning at the computer with a luscious, homemade frapp and a piece of Dove dark chocolate. (I tell myself the chocolate makes me more creative :-))

**UPDATE** I have started working outside the home at MBS Textbook Excange here in Columbia. I love my job! I'm currently the lead designer of a very important project (one I will share when I'm further along) and I'm teaching myself HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive web design to get the job done! I’m rockin it out :p.

In other news, I’m also in the beginning mockup phase of redesigning the site. I’ll be updating my blog with screenshots and general entries of the progress :) All feedback is welcome!

Recommended reading…
CSS Mastery – Advanced Web Standards Solutions, second edition
Responsive Web Design
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HTML5 For Web Designers
A Book Apart has the complete library. Check it out…they’re awesome ;)


Five Points Interactive has been mentioned on many blogs and css-based galleries throughout the world wide web. I offer a heart-felt thanks to everyone who has included or mentioned my work in their respective places on the w3!

*UPDATE* The list of kudos has grown beyond my ability to keep up! So if you have given mention and do not see yourself in the list above, thanks again for including me!

Five Points Interactive is currently taking on new work so contact me if you’d like to discuss a project.